Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Of bread and circuses

The questions have been asked: should the Murdochs resign? I dont know about the Murdochs resigning; I have not seen one of any of the people involved doing anything sensible about anything really, except create bread and circuses.

We are no further forward in getting to the root of this matter than we were years ago when this first started. Thats because no-one is taking a long forensic look at it and asking the relevant probing questions and then drilling down until the evidence points in a direction, then following that direction.

All thats been achieved has been a few MPs saying "Please James and Rupert, did you know anything". Answer "No, I did not". "Oh, okay then, thanks awfully!"

Isn't there something so terribly British about the polite but consistent way we fail within our Parliament and Press to get to the vital points of evidence that underpin these enquiries. But the search for truth is not a circus, nor a zoo. These past two weeks have been a spectacle in truth evasion and no-one acquainted with the search for real evidence would be fooled by it in any way whatsoever.

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