Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Sir Paul Stephenson at the Select Committee

19 Jul 2011:
I have seen the Sir Paul Stephenson interview by the Select Committee. To be honest I think it was deeply flawed; I would have thought that an interview drew together lines of enquiry which had been well thought out and that there was a logical corollary between each strand of the enquiry and the next. But here was a scatter gun and accusative/confrontational approach by this committee which did not seem to get to the point of anything. Furthermore, they were asking him questions which required a greater grasp of detail that the Commissioner possessed and to be frank I dont think it was the Commissioner's fault. Even to the extent of the manpower numbers involved in MPS, which I think were nearer 45,000 and not the 50,000 which Sir Paul stated. I dont think overall that the Select Committee carried out a professional interrogation of the character. I dont think they are going to get any sort of overview of the police from what has been stated.

I am further disappointed to know that the Committee dont realise that the police are very highly trained, far more highly trained than any group of Members of Parliament; these are the people that we expect to extract details of serious crime. Having said that, I just think that Sir Paul bought them and sold them with a smile on his face and I am ashamed to say that I just dont think they are any further forward than when they started.

A shameful and amateurish performance on the part of our politicians. Why am I not surprised.

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