Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Good God, its Gove

I normally dont write on these pages very much, due to weight of illness and studying. But I feel that I must put pen to paper about the antics of Michael Gove, otherwise known as the Secretary of State for Education. Whilst he claims that he is not directly responsible for the downgrading of students taking exactly the same summer examinations as those students took in January, we need to take a raincheck on his claims. Thats because Gove has famously pronounced upon grade inflation; he has claimed himself to be the enemy of grade inflation. So whether or not he has directly influenced Ofqual and AQA, its an odds on chance that someone, somewhere, has listened to him and has moved the grade boundaries mid-way through a cadre of students. Whats politically interesting about this, looking at things in the round, is that this is a political attempt to put the clocks back educationally, to stop pupils in their tracks, very much as the Tories consistently tried to do during the 1950's and 1960's where only students from grammar or public schools ever went to university. He wants to turn back the clock on the progress which has been made, of actually giving the young people something when they leave school, which people of my generation never had. Those of us who went to secondary moderns were not allowed to gain O and A Levels and its a sheer fluke that I ever did. I dont want Gove and other Tories putting back the clock forty years and keeping on trying to be elitist. Thats the trouble with putting public school boys in the House of Commons; they carry on their elitist predelictions. I am sorry to say that if Gove is so unknowledgeable about the very real efforts of our youth to gain qualifications, then he needs to resign and take his bigoted views with him.

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